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Monthly Agewise Outstandings 1.0

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Product Description

This feature gives a report on monthly aging of pending bills.

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  4. xGvFsyfiwX

    Posted by Carla on TueSep2013

    </a>Nitin,TDS is liable on <a href="http://xjnpluil.com">eitehr</a> payment or invoice date which ever is earlier.It has nothing to do with due date of payment.suppose you book an expenses invoice today, you are liable to pay tds before 7th of the next month regardless whenever you make payment for that expense to your supplier.And if suppose you pay advances to your supplier your are liable to pay tds before 7of the next month even if you have not received the invoice! I trust, this will clarify doubt of many users!

  5. </a>Sir,Is there any

    Posted by Ronald on MonSep2013

    </a>Sir,Is there any facility in Tally with reragd to inventory, whereby one can keep stock of packing materials along with the goods dealing in?For eg, I maintain stock in bags of 100 kg packed in jute gunny. Apart from maintaining inventory stock of my goods, I would also like to maintain stock of jute gunny bags as well as plastic gunny bags in case of packing option is plastic gunny bags. As purchase and sale is effected, inventory of not only main goods but also inventory of packing materials should be updated.Expecting your response at the earliest.Please join our support forumThanks and Regards,Nitesh

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