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Barcode Generation from Tally

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Product Description

With the help of this TDL you can generate barcode from tally.

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  1. uV2OyJYrfF

    Posted by Mean on SunSep2013

    yes you have mentioned that you're<a href="http://bmgmzyvjsrq.com"> woinrkg</a> on it. I was taking issue with the fact that the blog stated quite clearly that all' buyers can rate sellers on any' work, when they can't. Sorry, but I hate seeing things in black and white that are not true or misleading.

  2. YsDIHx29ca

    Posted by Ani on SunSep2013

    I have been dealing with PayPal for about three years for pmyaents from clients for two businesses, as well as my own pmyaents for various services, and in all that time, I have had only one minor glitch, which ended up being the bank's responsibility. It did take a bit of hanging on the telephone to get things sorted out, but even though it wasn't their problem, PayPal refunded me the service charge.Ebay on the other hand, is a different story. I won't deal with them to purchase or sell anything any longer. Had one very ratty situation with one of their online merchants, which went to arbitration and ended up costing me money I shouldn't have had to pay. So Ebay will never see my business again, on either side of the sales counter.Since at this point, I don't use PayPal for Statscounter, it isn't an issue for me here. If it comes to the point of needing to pay at some point, I'd prefer to use PayPal, rather than to have to set up yet another account through a different online merchant service. Every new account opened just improves the odds that someone will capture your private info and exploit it.That's my take on things.Sheila http://gqrydyhym.com [url=http://whvmgfw.com]whvmgfw[/url] [link=http://gzvqmnvsndz.com]gzvqmnvsndz[/link]

  3. prcGxH59

    Posted by David on ThuSep2013

    I HAD ben using PayPal to process panetyms on my company website for about a year. Then, one day, they shut my account access down. I couldn't withdraw money from my own account. I couldn't transfer between accounts. I COULD still add funds to my PayPal account from my bank. It should be noted, that while PayPal had shut down my access, they were continuing to take their fees from my funds!After THREE months, 7 phones calls and literally countless emails back and forth, my access was restored. It turns out that the problems were due to someone miskeying something on their end. They got my SSN crossed with my husbands name. No matter what document I sent them, it was not the right one. I asked repeatedly for a supervisor, but was told that I would have to tell the same story to the person who answered the phone, and then go to a supervisor. I wanted to tape record it and play it into the phone. There seemed to be no shortcut. I got constant emails from them stating that they were reviewing my documents . After a week of review, I would be denied with no explaination.I hope to never have the misfortune of dealing with PayPal again. There were no appologies, no refunds of their fees and nothing but headache. I run a small business from my house and they were able to shut me down for three months with a single misplaced keystroke.Thanks PayPal for all your sincere help and great customer support!

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