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Small to mid-sized enterprises (SME represents organisations with turn-over less than US$500 million) comprise the vast majority of organizations in existence today, but most products available today deliver either low-level or a proprietary or costly enterprise-wide solution, failing to strike the appropriate balance of features and affordability for mid-market organizations.

After having outgrown entry level packages, companies are in a dilemma since they cannot afford to go for costly ERP’s/CRM's that are difficult to implement and once implemented, difficult to alter. Further growing organizations require to make rapid changes in their business processes and hence require solutions that combines the ease of use of a packaged product, yet have high functionality and customizability found in high end ERP’s/CRM's. They need solutions that can be implemented and altered quickly and at reasonable costs.

Our mission is to fill this void by providing cost effective back-office and front-office solutions to such growing companies – popularly identified as the mid-market segment.

Since it’s beginning, GSeven has focused on the needs of mainstream businesses and understands the unique requirements of small-to-medium-size businesses. GSeven is poised to capture significant share in this expanding market based on its strong management team and industry vision, proven track record, marquee client list and extensive user base. Additionally, its breadth and depth of product offerings for the mid-market is unmatched, with solutions for companies ranging in size from 10 to 5,000 employees