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With A21 Connect, your employees, business partner and customers can now easily access your windows application or desktop from anywhere in the world, regardless of connection, location, and client platform or operating system.

A21 Connect is the ideal server-based computing solution for enterprise environment or ISVs. Utilizing advanced server-technology and near-zero-footprint client, A21 Connect publishes existing applications without the need to modify a single line code. And there's no need for complex, costly solutions such as Citrix Metaframe, GoGlobal or 2X. A21 Connect is the instant application publishing and Web-enabling solution that retains 100% of your application's features, functions and product branding.

A21 Connect is the simple server-based computing solution with easy user administration. Application problems can be solved in a central location, not at the
individual user location.  A21 Connect eliminates the need for cumbersome, complex software infrastructure such as Citrix MetaFrame, GoGlobal, 2X or local X Server software. And unlike other Solution that dictates a new application management infrastructure, A21 Connect has been designed to work seamlessly within your current environment. So whether you want to publish just a single application or more, A21 Connect is the way to go.